Percutaneous treatment of lumbar disc herniation with gelified ethanol/ a preliminary stud

Aims and objectives

  • Many therapies are available to treat lumbar disc herniation (LDH) ranging from medical therapies to minimaly invasive percutneous treatments and surgery
  • A wide range of minimaly invasive percutaneous treatments for LDH have been used: chemonucleolysis with chymopapain, percutaneous lumbar discectomy, laser disc decompression, intra discal oxygen-ozone therapy
  • After the withdrawal of chymopapin, a new substance (Discogel ®) is available using the properties of ethanol without its high diffusibility
  • Discogel ® is made up of ethanol (96%) with ethylcellulose to increase the viscosity and enhanced with a radiopaque substance (tungsten)
  • The objectives of this study are:
  1. Evaluate the safety of disc nucleolysis using gelified ethanol in the treatment of LHD when the medical treatment is ineffective
  2. Demonstrate the efficacy of gelified ethanol in patients with radicular pain non responding to medical treatment

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Percutaneous treatment with discogel


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