Embrace your beautiful life again

DiscoGel A true revolution in the non-surgicaL

treatment of disc herniation.

From now on, using the wonderful substance created by

French scientists after years of investigations and experiments

patients suffering from disc herniation are able to return to their

healthy everyday life.

We are honored to offer the newest and most effective method of

nonsurgical treatment of disc herniation, ubiquitously with progressed


This method is the best among micro-invasive techniques for cervical

thoracic and lumbar herniated discs.

Discogel has been in use since 2005 and is now widely used

as a golden treatment in most progressed countries all over the world.

The product is introduced using microinjection methods under

local anaesthesia in approximately 20 to 30 minutes.

It is able to reduce intradiscal pressure

and even in long-term the size of herniated disc.

In this MRI figure, the effects

of Discogel are clearly seen.

Discogel is in reality the only method that does not

involve only the removal of the herniated disc but also

fills the damaged area and changes into a permanent implant.

Also, it is the only method that does not cause any

reduction in discs height.

This method has been used for thousands of patients in

many countries, and fortunately, has not caused any

allergic reactions or any other complications.

This is an outpatient method and the patient can be discharged after

approximately two or three hours after the injection.

The treatment of disc herniation with Discogel has

been successful in 85 to 92% of the cases depending

on other conditions and the severity

of the problem. This remains a very satisfactory

percentage of success for this product


discogel in 3D CTScan

In these figures, the simultaneous

injection of Discogel in

several herniated discs can be seen.

Some advantages of Discogel.

-The possibility to repeat the injection if needed.

-The absence of complications such as allergic reactions

infections, scar formations


-The possibility to use it on cardiac, pulmonary, hypertensive


-If for any reason surgery is needed, the injected Discogel

has no interference with it.

-Very advantageous from an aesthetic perspective, since

it does not cause any skin scar formation

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