All that glitters is not gold, any injection is not Discogel

Discogel, the most effective method of non-surgical treatment of disc herniation

Discogel, the most effective method of non-surgical

treatment of disc herniation.

Considering the extraordinary success of Discogel in treating disc

herniation, there have been attempts to deceive patients by injecting

other products and drugs under similar names.

Please be advised that the effect of these products and drugs

cannot replace the therapeutic effects of Discogel and may even

be problematic to the patients’ health.

Before proceeding to further steps, it is encouraged to contact

the exclusive distributor of Discogel; Smart Health Solutions Co

(www.smarthealthsolutions.ca) to ensure the reliability of the product being


Nowadays, Discogel is known in many progressed countries as

the most effective, and progressed product causing no complications.

This fact is fortunately confirmed by our experience.

Discogel treats a big problem with a fine needle injection.


Patient after injecting Discogel

to two separated cervical discs.

This new product is in reality a revolution for treating a very common

medical condition (very frightening for affected people) and is

able to reduce the pain and related problems considerably.

Feeling relaxed while injecting Discogel

Discogel is the result of years of research and work of French

scientists and has successfully passed numerous scientific

challenges in most progressed countries.

Because of this product, many suffering people were able to return

to their healthy everyday life.

It is important to note that there are various methods of injection

that can be used to reduce pain (due to analgesic and anti-inflammatory

properties) but none of them will ever be able to replace the

therapeutic effects of Discogel in disc treatment.

Some examples of these drugs are corticosteroids such as

Triamcinolone and analgesics such as Marcaine.

These drugs can have positive effects on reducing pain but none

of them can be compared to and replace the therapeutic effects of Discogel
This is because Discogel is able to reduce intradiscal pressure and

even in long- term the size of herniated disc. It does also act as a

barrier for mediators inducing pain and have supportive effects on

the damaged disc

Only Discogel can replace Discogel

Discogel is the only micro-invasive method that does not cause

any reduction in discs heights

Injection of Discogel

in three different lumbar levels

Be aware that the injection of any other substance

cannot replace Discogel

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